COVID-19 And Vertical Transportation

Wash your hands, wear your mask, and stay a safe distance apart. This has become the mantra of 2020 and will stay in effect through much, if not all, of 2021. Disinfecting surfaces that may harbor the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has also become normal. But there are many places where surfaces are not, or cannot, be cleaned often and there is where technology may benefit the safety of all.

Indeed, COVID-19 has thrown the spotlight on the surfaces people touch. What we have taken for granted in the past is now suspect in the present and future. The common

[VIDEO] A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Recent Record Breaker for World’s Tallest Demolition

via YouTube // Modon Properties

In November of last year, the 546 foot tall Mina Plaza in Abu Dhabi officially broke the world record for tallest demolition by explosion, supplanting Hudson Department Store in Detroit, Michigan, which held the record for 22 years.

And, while a record breaker is always exciting, I wasn’t able to find a great video of it, so it wasn’t *that* exciting. To be honest*, I haven’t slept since I found that low quality video, especially after Rob and Sarah from Belts & Boxes viciously attacked it on the weekly YouTube show Week