[VIDEO] SkyTy is the Drone That Ties Rebar From the Sky

via YouTube // SkyMul

Just over a year ago, I was introduced to an early prototype of the SkyMul SkyTy, which is a robotic drone with a rebar tying attachment designed to autonomously locate and tie rebar on the jobsite.  After a year of tweaks and advancements, SkyMul is now on their third prototype and they showed off those improvements in a new video.

In a recent post on their website, SkyMul states that this latest prototype, the “P3,” has been flying for a few months. The first thing that I noticed on the newest version was

Digging Into Heavy Equipment

Construction has come a long way from those ancient days of manual labor doing everything. Hammers and wrenches are still the norm in many trades but equally important are the power tools—corded, gasoline-fueled, or battery operated. At the extreme, earth moving is no longer a HOD (human-with-shovel) endeavor and few bricks are raised to the top of a tall building by a hod carrier. There is heavy equipment designed for that and employed by most general contractors.

From the steam operated equipment of the 1800s to the internal combustion engines of the 20th century, power to do the heavy work