Doosan Announces Industry First “Transparent Bucket” to Wheel Loader to Eliminate Blind Spots

courtesy of Doosen

“You make a better door than a window!” is what I imagine loader operators constantly yell at the bucket in front of them (or maybe I’m just projecting based on my experience of having the habit of sitting right in front of the TV as a kid). Either way, operators may not be yelling that in the future, as equipment manufacturer, Doosan, has introduced what they claim is an industry first “transparent” bucket.

While the bucket itself looks the same as any normal loader bucket, but is equipped with a variety of sensors, cameras

Flying 3D Relief

Construction is not an office job. Field workers are the backbone of the industry and in many cases, those backs are bent over doing the Three Ds of construction: dirty, dull, and dangerous work. Technology, when it shows up in construction, usually involves computers and software in the office, on tablets in supervisor’s hands, or buried in large equipment. Power tools, equipment and machinery can help but some jobs are just labor intensive. Slowly, contractors are adopting field tech to solve problems and relieve workers of some of those 3Ds.

One technology that has been getting some interest for a