Makita Announces Release of New 40V, 80V XGT Tool Lineup for US Market

The XGT Lineup, courtesy of Makita

Those that follow tool news may have heard about a new Makita tool platform that launched in several other countries a few months ago and have been waiting for the news of it finally being released in the United States. Well, the wait is over, as the teal tool brand has finally announced the release of their 40V and 80V XGT system in the US.

The initial 50+ tools on the XGT system will be available for purchase this month and more releases will become available in future quarters. Much like

Modular Buildings and Carbon Footprints

Construction is one of the largest industries and also one of the biggest causes of damaging emissions effecting climate change. Not only do emissions come from the equipment used to construct buildings, emissions come from the maintenance of the structure and the buildings themselves over their lifespan.

The industry needs responsible companies to take a leadership role in fighting against the elements that cause environmental damage. An approach being used more frequently these days is to create partnerships with like-minded companies to share expertise and build on common values.

WoHo (World Home), a technology-oriented modular building company, is working in partnership