Procore Goes Public on the New York Stock Exchange as PCOR

courtesy of Procore

Procore, the construction management software company, has been rumored to be interested in filing for an IPO since at least 2019.  In the Spring of 2020, Procore ended up delaying its plans to go public after it received $150million in funding and a valuation of around $5 million, citing interest in raising more money amidst an uncertain economy during the heart of the coronavirus pandemic.

That turned out to be a pretty good move for the company, as Procore officially went public on May 20, raising $634.5 million on a $8.5 billion evaluation.

How to Minimize Risk on Your Construction Site

The following is a guest article by SentrifForce. SentriForce is a leading provider of managed video surveillance. With intelligent, scalable, and effective security services, you can minimize risk and keep your assets secure.

It’s a morbid statistic, but the construction industry experiences more workplace deaths than any other. With so many potential hazards, heavy-duty machinery, and power tools, it’s perhaps not surprising that serious accidents are relatively commonplace.

However, safety risks are far from the only threat that construction sites are exposed to. Security is another major risk for many construction sites, with theft and vandalism commonplace and

Nominate Your Favorite Construction Podcast for Best of 2021!

It’s that time again to begin Construction Junkie’s annual search for the best construction podcast!  Now in our 7th year of the competition, we’re noticing a considerable increase in construction-related podcasts from every sector.

Last year continued our trend of breaking the previous years record number of votes, with the most nominees and the most total votes. In the end, Bridging the Gap secured the crown, wrestling it away from the 2-time defending champion CONEXPO/CON-AGG Radio.

Please see below for contest details and use the nomination form at the bottom of this page to submit your own podcast or your

Digitizing the Jobsite

Digital twins are making headway in construction but another digital application could be important in visualizing the jobsite as work progresses. Over the past year, accelerated global adoption of digitization and remote work has fueled growth for OpenSpace, a company that specializes in 360° construction photo documentation and analysis. The company has seen revenue triple, customer count increase by more than 150%, and customer site captures increase by more than 300% during that time.

The value of having a digital version of a job site that can be viewed remotely and shared among collaborators is reflected in the fact OpenSpace

Procore is Looking for the Most Groundbreaking Companies, People, and Projects in Construction

via Procore

Each year, Procore – the maker of the construction management software of the same name – hosts their annual construction technology conference, Groundbreak. As part of the festivities, the company is looking to celebrate the most groundbreaking companies, people, and projects in the construction industry and they need your help.

The 2021 Groundbreaker Awards will pick winners for 8 different categories:

    Excellence in Sustainability – the company or project the most efficiently uses environmentally responsible processes throughout the project.

    Excellence in Innovation – the company that pushes the boundaries of technology in construction the most

    Excellence in

2020: COVID, Lockdowns, Losses

History will find the year 2020 was eventful, to say the least. Pandemic, economic meltdown due to lockdown, deaths and depression, glimmers of hope at the end of the year. At the one-year mark since COVID-19 became recognized as a pandemic, virus-based disease, there was movement in a positive direction on all fronts. A bright note was found in the economic outlook as businesses showed signs of coming out of the doldrums.

According to a survey by Intuit QuickBooks, U.S. small businesses are on the road to recovery from the financial losses experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report, Intuit QuickBooks

DeWalt Announces 15 Amp Hour Battery for Larger, More Powerful Tools

Courtesy of DeWalt

Lithium battery technology is being pushed to new heights in the tool world seemingly every month, as more power hungry tools continue to drop the cord and join the battery revolution. DeWalt is the latest in the game to up the ante with the release of the first 15 am hour 18V battery on the market.

The DeWalt FLEXVOLT 20V/60V Max 15.0ah battery (DCB615) will power both the yellow tool brand’s 20V and 60V tool platforms, just like all of the other FLEXVOLT batteries, but this one offers even more runtime for those high

Getting Smart in Las Vegas

Say “Vegas” outside of Nevada, and people immediately think of the famous casinos and resorts that attract some 40 million visitors a year. Or perhaps the convention center, always expanding and hosting millions of trade show and conference guests each month. Las Vegas isn’t shy about extoling these attractions and making their case for “Fun in the Sun” or “Fun in the Casino Lights.”

But beyond the neon lies another Las Vegas, populated by hard-working residents who make all that glitter shine, and businesses that serve those local people. With about 650,000 residents within its city limits and another 1.8

People, Pods, and Progress

They’ve been called people movers, podcars, and PRT (personal rapid transit) systems. They’ve been called the future and they’ve been called a failure. What they are today is a far cry from what they were predicted to be a few decades ago. Will they catch on in the near future? Some people think so.

An early idea that grew conceptually into what is the PRT of today can be found at, of all places, Disneyland. A monorail system was envisioned for Tomorrowland with the 1955 debut of Disneyland, but Walt Disney wasn’t satisfied with the initial design. Eventually, the unique

Concrete Like a Forest

The technological battle against climate change and global warming is focused on many aspects of the primary evil, GHG (greenhouse gases). The top culprit is CO2 (carbon dioxide) which is generated in burning fossil fuels and other activities. It is also produced in nature and removed from the air by natural means, through plant’s photosynthesis. Thus, a forest of trees has the ability to soak up a quantity of CO2.

Because carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas emitted by human activities, changes in forest carbon can help to mitigate climate change—or they can increase the problem. When forests