On-Site ‘Printed’ Housing

Affordability returns as a condition of the housing market as prices of existing homes “goes through the roof.” New construction of residential properties is hampered by supply chain cost increases, especially on lumber, although pricing has inched slightly better. However, the result is the United States is still experiencing a severe shortage of housing stock.

While the shortages have existed for decades, the pandemic, climate change, and economic migration away from coastal cities have combined to create a housing crisis. Bidding wars have pushed entire populations out of the housing market. In fact, for every $1,000 increase in the price

Top Products 2021, Part II – Austin Lane Technologies

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ALMobile Cloud

Commercial and Infrastructure
Trusted Product

Austin Lane Technologies

P.O. Box 12
Denton, Texas 76202

Time and Cloud Collide

A SaaS (software-as-a-service) and mobile-based time and productivity solution, ALMobile Cloud from Austin Lane Technologies is a field solution for companies in project-based industries. In the past year, the company has combined two of its service offerings to provide even greater value. ALMobile Time and Productivity software combined with its Cloud MSP capabilities as a Microsoft Gold Partner gives Austin Lane the ability to provide 99.9% uptime. This has

Top Products 2021, Part II – Systemates

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Trusted Product


2435 N Central Expy, Suite 640
Richardson, TX 75080

Manage the Entire Program Lifecycle

Projectmates is a secure, cloud-based software solution, helping owners manage their entire construction program from initial concept and planning through to completion and turnover. The technology aims to help owners find efficiencies and reduce risks that are common on construction projects. Since the technology was already cloud-based and available on both iOS and Android, its clients were able to use the software during the pandemic. Clients report COVID-19 hasn’t interrupted

Top Products 2021, Part II – Pedigree Technologies

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Commercial, Residential, and Infrastructure
Trusted Product

Pedigree Technologies

4776 28th Ave S Ste 101
Fargo, ND 58104

IoT At Work In Construction

In the past 12 months, construction has faced challenges due to the pandemic. Disaster and emergency declarations, new mandates, and customers with their own set of business changes meant contractors needed to remain resilient. Enter technology. OneView from Pedigree Technologies offers business-critical applications that cross integrate and can be customized for any business. The IoT cloud-based platform and suite of software solutions help track, monitor, and

Top Products 2021, Part II – Explorer Software

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Explorer Eclipse

Commercial and Infrastructure
Trusted Product

Explorer Software

220 – 145 Chadwick Court
North Vancouver, BC V7M 3K1

A Development Pivot

A cloud-based enterprise software solution, Eclipse is an integrated job cost, accounting, equipment control, and project-management solution from Explorer Software. The company recognizes the requirements placed on customers from COVID-19 restrictions made it important to remove as much person-to-person contact as possible. Thus, the company pivoted in the middle of its development cycle to produce more mobile applications to help customers navigate the new requirements.

First came

Cooling Off Data

Since the late 1940s, when computers were building-filling, heat-producing, electricity-consuming entities, companies have had a love-hate relationship with them. IBM was among the first to downsize the computer, from house size to room size and then to even smaller. The mainframe of the 1950s and 1960s, still powered by vacuum tubes, continued to be a heat producer, often requiring refrigeration to hold down the temperature.

In operation, the temperature of a computer’s components will rise until the heat transferred to the surroundings is equal to the heat produced by the component. For reliable operation, the temperature must never exceed a

Where’s that Drill? DEWALT Knows

Lost, stolen, mislaid, in the back of the truck? Hand power tools have a nasty tendency of not being where they are needed, when they are needed, on the jobsite. Tracking them can be frustrating, finding them time consuming. Major power tool companies are on the job, however, and one of those leading the search is DEWALT.

DEWALT recently released the TOOL CONNECT Chip (DCE042), a Bluetooth beacon add-on, that allows tools to easily and wirelessly work with the Tool Connect System. The system is designed to seamlessly track, assign, and manage jobsite inventory to optimize productivity, save time, and

Cobots Are Coming

In manufacturing, robots have assumed many heavy-lifting jobs as well as those that require precision and repetitive operations. Doing the same thing repeatedly for hours at a time is common for robots and hard on people. But humans and robots have had a strange relationship for decades. Enter the latest automation, the cobot.

A cobot, or collaborative robot, is a form of automation intended for direct human robot interaction within a shared space, or where humans and robots are in proximity. Cobot applications contrast with traditional industrial robot applications in which robots are isolated from human contact. In most industrial applications of cobots today, the cobot and human worker

Tally Ho! Tally Goes Open Source

Building materials have been getting added scrutiny by construction professionals examining how much carbon is locked in them and what happens as the material ages and releases that carbon. Embodied carbon, as a byproduct of building materials, accounts for 11% of annual global emissions.

One approach is found in Tally, a LCA (life cycle assessment) app that is fully integrated into Autodesk Revit. Tally quantifies and analyzes carbon locked in building materials and was developed by KieranTimberlake and its research development subsidiary KT Innovations. Tally was launched in 2013 to give designers the means to measure embodied environmental impacts so

Hilti Officially Releases EXO-01 Exoskeleton, Names Price

via Hilti

Last summer, Hilti announced that they had developed their first exoskeleton designed for construction tradespeople in a partnership with Ottobuck, a prosthetics, orthotics, and exoskeleton provider. Earlier this month, Hilti officially released the exoskeleton, announced more details, and published its retail price on their website.

The Hilti EXO-01 Overhead Exoskeleton is designed to reduce the stress of overhead work on the wearer’s arm, back, and shoulder muscles. The 4.4-pound system straps around user’s waist, shoulders, and arms to distribute the weight while providing lift support. The passive device does not require any external power source