[VIDEO] Creating a Brick out of Mushrooms

via YouTube // Verge Science

Cement and concrete have been under the microscope for a number of years due to the amount of carbon created in the manufacturing process. There are many scientists throughout the world that are looking to crack the code on a new form of concrete-like material that has all of the benefits that concrete possesses.  It’s a tall task, that’s why concrete has been used for hundreds of years. The latest example of scientific innovation comes from mushrooms.

Thanks to a video and an article from The Verge, we have an inside look

[VIDEOS] Spot Robot Dog Adds Self Charging, Remote Operation, and Arm

via Boston Dynamics

Spot, the famous robot dog from Boston Dynamics, has been officially for sale to the public for less than a year, but the company has already announced major upgrades for the growing platform. Yesterday, February 2nd, Boston Dynamics held a launch event for 3 new Spot products: Enterprise, Scout, and the Spot Arm.

During the 25 minute event, which you can watch in its entirety on Boston Dynamic’s Youtube page, the company announced that they have sold over 400 of the $74,500 robot. Since its launch, the platform has also added partnerships with other

[VIDEO] Need to Get Some Heavy Equipment Up a Mountain? Try a Cable Car System

via YouTube // lcscablecranes

Remote jobsites with difficult terrain pose some substantial logistical challenges when it comes to getting equipment and materials on site.  I’ve seen several different methods used in the past, such as heavy equipment carrying blimps, cargo planes, helicopters, and the Fat Truck, but I recently came across a new method: a cable car.

Much like a ski lift, these cable car systems run up a hill side, but instead of hauling up a couple of humans with some snowboards, these monsters are hauling materials and even heavy equipment to some of the world’s

The 7 Biggest Construction Safety Stories of 2020

2020 was a challenging year in many respects, but none greater than from a safety standpoint. The coronavirus pandemic placed the notion of “people over profits” under the microscope, while also balancing the needs of their employees to continue to make an income under difficult circumstances. While the pandemic was a large part of the construction safety conversation last year, there were several other developments to take note of for your projects in the future.

Below are the 7 biggest construction safety stories of 2020:

1. The Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic

As mentioned above, there’s no way around the impact

COVID-19 And Vertical Transportation

Wash your hands, wear your mask, and stay a safe distance apart. This has become the mantra of 2020 and will stay in effect through much, if not all, of 2021. Disinfecting surfaces that may harbor the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has also become normal. But there are many places where surfaces are not, or cannot, be cleaned often and there is where technology may benefit the safety of all.

Indeed, COVID-19 has thrown the spotlight on the surfaces people touch. What we have taken for granted in the past is now suspect in the present and future. The common

[VIDEO] A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Recent Record Breaker for World’s Tallest Demolition

via YouTube // Modon Properties

In November of last year, the 546 foot tall Mina Plaza in Abu Dhabi officially broke the world record for tallest demolition by explosion, supplanting Hudson Department Store in Detroit, Michigan, which held the record for 22 years.

And, while a record breaker is always exciting, I wasn’t able to find a great video of it, so it wasn’t *that* exciting. To be honest*, I haven’t slept since I found that low quality video, especially after Rob and Sarah from Belts & Boxes viciously attacked it on the weekly YouTube show Week

CDC Updates COVID-19 Mask Guide to Recommend Neck Gaiters

courtesy of Milwaukee Tool

There’s no doubt that this past year has been a constant back and forth of confusion surrounding the best way to protect yourselves and others from the spread of COVID-19. Incomplete studies and misinformation spread hasn’t helped much either, but some things do take time to properly sort out. A recent published study, which was carried out by a team of researchers from NIOSH and has been endorsed by the CDC, has concluded that neck gaiters can be an effective form of control.

Neck gaiters are a popular choice for the construction industry

[VIDEO] Helicopter Drops Cooling Tower During Lift to Roof

If you need to get some heavy mechanical equipment on the roof of your project, you could use a boring old crane – or you could gas up the bird and make that equipment take literal flight. Alright, so cranes aren’t actually boring, but some times a helicopter makes more logistical sense, either because it reduces total lift time or, in some cases, makes economical sense. Either way, there are some important safety precautions to take in case something goes wrong.

During a recent helicopter lift in Oakland, California, something did go wrong, but luckily, it appears that no

ReportL 2020 Sees Dip in Tall Building Completions

Central Park Tower, New York City. Photo by Itrytohelp32, CC BY-SA 4.0

For the second straight year, the world has seen a decrease in the number of tall buildings completed, according to a new report from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH).

Each year, the CTBUH takes a look back on the tall building progress throughout the world and makes predictions on the current year. While 2019 broke the record for most supertall buildings, defined as 300 meters or more in height, it saw a 13.7% drop in overall tall buildings, defined as 200

Liebherr Premieres the World’s First Battery Powered Crawler Cranes

courtesy of Liebherr

As more and more battery powered heavy construction equipment is being released to help lower noise and emissions on the jobsite, I shouldn’t be that surprised to hear about a battery powered crawler crane – but, I still am.

In December, crane manufacturer – and amazingly cool crane video maker – Liebherr unveiled what they are calling the world’s first battery powered crawler cranes.  These aren’t some dinky little mini-cranes either, they can lift up to 275 tons (250 metric tonnes).

Modeled off of their standard versions, Liebherr announced the LR 1200.1 unplugged and