[VIDEO] Nuclear Power Plant Site Utilizes 2 of the World’s Largest Cranes, and 55 Other Tower Cranes

via YouTube // EDF

2 years ago, crane manufacturer, Sarens, unveiled what is considered to be the world’s largest crane, by both size and lifting capacity.  Big Carl, as the huge crane was nicknamed, began work a few months later on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in England.  Now, the jobsite boasts an abundance of crane activity, a true site to behold, and it was captured on aerial footage for you to enjoy.

According to KHL, Big Carl will be accompanied by up to 55 tower cranes at the peak of construction, as well as

Balaji Hume pipes

Hume pipes

RCC Hume Pipes

Reinforced Concrete Cement Pipes

RCC Manhole Covers

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