7 of the Spookiest Things Found on Construction Sites

Construction work can unearth some pretty interesting items.  Think about it, many project begin with a piece of previously undeveloped land or land that hasn’t been touched for decades.  Sometimes the discoveries can be pretty awesome, like 1300 pounds of Ancient Roman Coins, but other times, the discoveries can be downright SPOOKY.  Since today is Halloween, the spookiest of all the days, we’re going to take you through 7 spooky things found on a construction jobsite.

1. Human Bones

A crew at a Hillsdale, Missouri construction site made a startling discovery after one of their trucks got stuck in a

Construction Companies Can Now Monitor 3rd Party App Usage with Procore

courtesy of Procore

Chances are, if your construction company is using any sort of technology, you’re using more than one different application. That’s true for many Procore customers, as well, as over 40% of them use at least two other apps that are integrated into the Procore platform. In order to help contractors manage these 3rd party apps, Procore has recently released App Management Metrics to all of their customers.

By using App Management Metrics, Procore customers can see how often 3rd party apps are used, which projects they’re used on, and exactly who uses them. This