[VIDEO] This Cantilevered Building Was Built With Only Stainless Steel, No Concrete

BROAD Group’s F Tower, via YouTube

There have been many attempts to use different materials for the structural support systems of buildings over the years, but stainless steel is not one that I have come across before. The BROAD Group, based in China, recently highlights a multi-story, cantilevered building made entirely of stainless steel.

The company says that the building method is similar in cost to a more traditional concrete building and that the factory made panels allowed this particular building to be constructed at a rate of 3 floors per day. The secret sauce to them

LEED and WELL in Seattle

New York has the Empire State Building, Chicago the Hancock Building, and Seattle the Space Needle. All iconic structures piercing the sky, photographed by millions, and deserving their place in the history of construction. But the old is always subject to being overtaken by the new. The World Trade Center casts a shadow over the Empire State Building and the Willis (nee: Sears) Tower casts shade on the Hancock.

However, the Space Needle still dominates the Seattle skyline. Opened in 1962 for the World’s Fair/Century 21 Exposition, the Space needle was designed to symbolize humanity’s Space Age aspirations. Located at