Hilti Officially Releases EXO-01 Exoskeleton, Names Price

via Hilti

Last summer, Hilti announced that they had developed their first exoskeleton designed for construction tradespeople in a partnership with Ottobuck, a prosthetics, orthotics, and exoskeleton provider. Earlier this month, Hilti officially released the exoskeleton, announced more details, and published its retail price on their website.

The Hilti EXO-01 Overhead Exoskeleton is designed to reduce the stress of overhead work on the wearer’s arm, back, and shoulder muscles. The 4.4-pound system straps around user’s waist, shoulders, and arms to distribute the weight while providing lift support. The passive device does not require any external power source

Getting ESG Right

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance and investors are increasingly applying this analysis as part of their determination of material risks and growth opportunities in an industry. Smart cities, building operations, and even the build environment are all considered possible investors—and activists, especially in the environmental movement—as potentially at risk.

According to S&P Global, a firm focused on analytics in the global capital and commodity markets, the most meaningful ESG risk to the industry are social exposures because of the high reliance on labor and importance of safety. A key governance factor for the sector is poor project management and