Getting ESG Right

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance and investors are increasingly applying this analysis as part of their determination of material risks and growth opportunities in an industry. Smart cities, building operations, and even the build environment are all considered possible investors—and activists, especially in the environmental movement—as potentially at risk.

According to S&P Global, a firm focused on analytics in the global capital and commodity markets, the most meaningful ESG risk to the industry are social exposures because of the high reliance on labor and importance of safety. A key governance factor for the sector is poor project management and

Going Green Off-site

Off-site construction, often called prefab or modular construction, is not new nor extensive, but the benefits are becoming more accepted in the industry. With this evolving method, based on prefabricated components, the planning, design, manufacturing, and fitting-out stages are all carried out in a factory, with only the assembly of the modules and the finishing touches carried out on-site.

In Europe, the technology has been growing, especially in commercial construction, and alliances for this approach are also growing. Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, a European pioneer in clinker-free low-carbon cement, partnered with the Cougnaud Group in its first construction project undertaken

Lighting Lambeau

The oldest continuously playing team in the National Football League has moved around so much they could be considered nomads. That would be the (now) Arizona Cardinals (since 1994), formerly the Chicago Cardinals (1920), St. Louis Cardinals (1960), and Phoenix Cardinals (1988). The team started in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club in Chicago and was one of the founding teams in the American Professional Football Association in 1920. The APFA became the NFL in 1922.

While the Cardinals were moving around the country, the other Chicago team was staying put after one move, from Decatur Ill. to Chicago in

The CAT S62 Pro Rugged Smartphone Unleashes the Power of Thermal Imaging

CAT S62 Pro

Cat Phones is known to make some pretty rugged smartphones, the kind of phone you don’t have to worry about on the jobsite – even without a case. Licensed by the construction equipment giant, Caterpillar, the phones are made by the UK-based Bullitt Group. The company recently announced the release of their new flagship smartphone model, the CAT S62 Pro.

The CAT S62 Pro Overview

Being their flagship model, the CAT S62 Pro is not only their most expensive phone, but also their most feature packed. Retailing for roughly $649 on Amazon(or $599 for government

Airport Infrastructure Projects

For four years, “Infrastructure Week” was proclaimed with little to show for it. In 2021, infrastructure has been resurrected with a massive collection of projects proposed in a single bill. Whether it passes, in any semblance of the proposal of the administration, is unknown at this time. At least the idea has been given more time to be discussed and lobbied. Meanwhile, actual projects are being funded through previous budget bills.

Airports are a critical part of the nation’s infrastructure and Federal funding for maintaining that segment goes back to President Harry Truman establishing the first program for funding airport

Stanley Black & Decker Acquires Construction Punchlist Software, Buildup

courtesy of Stanley X

The construction technology world has been no stranger to acquisitions and mergers in recent years, as many larger players are gobbling up startups and other specialty software to quickly grow their offerings and expand their value to their customers. The latest acquisition comes from a somewhat surprising source, however, as Stanley Black & Decker, the power tool and storage company, has acquired Buildup, a task management, punch list, and inspection software company.

Buildup is a mobile friendly punch list tool that embeds the tasks, details, and pictures of each item directly onto your

The Ultimate Construction Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

Father’s Day 2021 is June 20, so you better get started on gift ideas if you want to impress dad this year. Whether your father is contractor, handyman, or DIYer, we’ve got a lot of great ideas for him this year.

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We’ve been lucky enough to be able to use many of the tools on this list throughout the year and there are others on the list