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The Biden administration has recently requested assignment of $2T in funds, intended for use in rebuilding America’s infrastructure. And while Republicans and Democrats have been locked into hot debate regarding the specific amount and allocation of funds, it’s notable that no one has protested the need. Years of accumulated neglect have left transportation, utility, and other other public service systems in dire need of repair and update—and a large allocation of funds poses a great opportunity to strengthen current infrastructure, while bolstering construction and development itself.

The INVEST in America Act

Airbnb to Aid Affordable Housing

It may seem contradictory, but if you rent a special home from Airbnb you will be aiding the development of affordable housing. All proceeds from this exclusive Airbnb rental are being directly diverted to an affordable homes project spearheaded by World Housing, an international NGO. World Housing will build what it hopes is the first community in Canada of affordable living space built entirely with 3D concrete printing.

World Housing has already provided living space for thousands around the world in developing nations and felt it was time to support marginalized populations in their home country. The first project, tentatively named Sakura Place, will be a cluster of

Finding Heavy Haulers

The tragedy in Surfside, Florida, where the 12-story Champlain Towers South crumbled to the ground, will long remain in the in minds of contractors around the country. Emergency crews, working around the clock, cut and drilled, hammered and clawed at the concrete pads. Cranes lifted the debris in hopes of finding survivors. And surrounding the site were the trucks and crews ready to remove the remains of the tower, piece by piece, chunk by chunk.

Having dump trucks and drivers available for emergencies is important but having them available on a regular job is important, too. One company has been

Expansion by Acquisition

It’s not only in the software and applications industry, but it seems to show up there most often: The expansion of a company’s market is by acquiring other companies with complimentary or, in rare situations, conflicting products. In many merger and acquisition projects, the symbiosis is obvious; others look like failure seeking an opportunity to happen. In all cases, time will tell if the combination works or not.

A usual path to M&A (merger and acquisition) is found among companies where one is a market leader and the other, smaller company has been a partner or offers a product commonly

Bridging a Gap

What make a structure, like a bridge or building, environmentally friendly? One measure has been how much CO2 or other harmful emissions were involved in the materials used, the equipment needed for the construction, and the procedures on the jobsite. The cumulative of these factors is the “carbon footprint” of the structure.

We often discuss the CO2 release involved in concrete production or steel foundries or electricity generation, and there are scientific research papers that quantify those factors. Academic research has, indeed, focused on making construction materials more environmentally friendly by cutting back on the carbon released into the atmosphere

Top Products 2021, Part II – Computer Guidance Corp.

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eCMS v.4.2

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Computer Guidance Corp.

14624 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste 350
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Connect the Field and Office

Built on a solid foundation of decades of construction-specific enterprise-resource planning experience that has already revolutionized the productivity and efficiency of contractors across the country, the latest generation of eCMS v.4.2 from Computer Guidance Corp., continues to deliver a single-database solution that leverages cloud-based scalability and flexibility to meet unique contractor and customer needs. What makes this product so distinctive is its built-in BI (business intelligence)

Pandemic Spawns IMMUNE Buildings

The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic presented us with a new world, suddenly populated with closed businesses, office workers doing their jobs from home, schools closed, and the Internet depended upon. Hospitals became overwhelmed as patients were admitted with new symptoms; protective clothing, masks and surgical gloves were in demand and in short supply. Toilet paper became a trading commodity for no apparent reason; disinfectant wipes were rationed in stores as shelves were emptied.

As we struggled to understand this new infection, one thing was clear: the coronavirus was deadly and could be anywhere. Building managers employed a variety