[VIDEO] CAT Creates Gigantic PAC-MAN Game Played with Remote Controlled Skid Steers

courtesy of CAT

CAT is no stranger to finding extremely creative and expensive ways to show off their construction equipment.  In years past, they’ve created a giant Jenga game with 600 pound blocks and the world’s first moving golf course on the backs of their dump trucks. Now, they’re showing off some of their new technology with the release of the biggest PAC-MAN game you’ve ever seen.

Measuring 162.4 feet by 180.4 feet, the PAC-MAN game that CAT created is 19,040% larger than the size of the original arcade game, but instead of a yellow circle PAC-MAN,

Balaji Hume pipes

Hume pipes

RCC Hume Pipes

Reinforced Concrete Cement Pipes

RCC Manhole Covers

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